My favorite textbook

I used this book – Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos by Steven Strogatz when I took MATH 4151, my favorite course at UW-Madison. It covers many topics in physics, which is very interesting yet uncharted for me. This book covers first-order differential equations and their bifurcations, phase plane analysis, limit cycles and their bifurcations, Lorenz equations, chaos, iterated maps, period doubling, renormalization, fractals, and the strange attractors, step by step with straightforward presentations and intuitive explanations. For example, the chaotic waterwheel, where the Lorenz attractors are introduced.
Anyway, its logic and way of explaining questions really make it a great book to read, even for outsiders as a book for popular science. Strongly recommended.

Later I found out the author is actually working in my graduate school. Such a coincidence!

  1. Special thanks to Professor Jean-Luc Thiffeault, who taught me this course in 2022 Fall. ↩︎


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