Interestingly, my MBTI type makes up less than 3% of the world’s population. Introversion dominates my personality. While cordial, I prefer solitude to recharge my batteries. I enjoy spending time alone absorbing information, and reflecting on concepts. Focusing energy inward, too much social interaction is always one of the culprits that make me feel drained afterward.

Nurturers at heart, usually I am driven by my desire to help and understand others. But due to the intrinsic feeling of estrangement, many times it doesn’t come across as all that I am being helpful and empathetic, which is perhaps the biggest and most eccentric difference between me and other people alike. But factually, I consider myself to own enough empathetic and compassionate nature to be an effective counselor, friend, and mentor.

Feeling oriented, I make decisions based on their values and empathy. Being deeply attuned to emotions from myself and those around me really fuels my desire to create harmony and positive change. Strong ethical compasses and focus on moral principles are the essence to drive my actions and interactions with the world.

Judging preferences lend structure to me, making me prefer plans, organization, and closure in contrast to flexibility. Completing tasks one by one is like a breakthrough game for me and last-minute changes were never acceptable for me. With this need for order, I schedule their alone time carefully, down to every minute

*Is this really accurate?


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